About CEO

Tony Yeo began as a translator in 2001. Earlier, he was engaged in the field of foreign trade where he could learn many things about international business that the school classroom never taught. Those experiences helped him understand various areas of business, as well as the cultural nuances. He contributed greatly to the growth and business performance of the company for which he worked so the company could receive the presidential citation from the Korean government in recognition for outstanding accomplishment.

Tony was interested in languages in school days. He studied the Korean language at Yonsei University before he moved to Korea University to major in business. Later, he completed graduate studies in economics at Sungyungwan University. Tony passed a few translation proficiency certification examinations. After years of experience in the translation industry, He wishes to share his expertise in specialized areas, working with as many people as possible. As the CEO, he believes in the importance of people to the organizational success. Tony is interested in participating in more of translation related activities. He is a member of the ATA since 2005.

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