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About Uneedus Translation Services

Located in Korea, we provide language services ranging from document translation to website localization and software localization with a focus on only a few language pairs to better serve our clients with customer satisfaction in mind.

Having excellent command of the language and deep understanding of the culture are prerequisites to high quality output. Errors and inconsistencies in translation, or unclear translation or the opposite meaning of what you intended for it to mean will reflect badly on you and your company.  So, to prevent these unwanted consequences, we work with well qualified native Korean and Chinese linguists who actually reside in their country, and speak, hear, read and write their native language every day, and naturally maintain absolute fluency in it, and have better access to resource materials.

Why trust your translation to us?
We are professional.
We are efficient.
We are punctual.
We are customer-oriented.
We promise only what we can fulfill.

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